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Bilingual Books We Love For Kids 0-6

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We are always adding new books. Last update: March 29, 2021

Families know that our bilingual music classes for babies are more than just music classes, so we are always being asked what our favorite bilingual books for kids are. Here is a running list of books Mi Casa Es Tu Casa® loves. We'll keep adding titles of bilingual board books for babies and bilingual picture books for toddlers and kids. So check back!

If you're looking for digital reading resources kids can access on the iPad, we love the FabuLingua app for it's interactive approach to storytelling and the multiple ways children can engage with each book. It's clean, beautifully illustrated, easy, and high-quality. It's Mi Casa Es Tu Casa®-approved. To download the app, click here from your cell phone or tablet (it can't be downloaded through a web browser, so laptops won't work!).

Why We Love These Bilingual kids' Books:

The Mi Casa Es Tu Casa® library of bilingual books (Spanish & English) is made up of stories that focus on connection, make us laugh, and create a sense of peace and safety. We love books that are interactive in the way they make us ask questions, point things out, and even lift flaps to find hidden surprises.

Many of these books are in rhyme. Why do babies love rhymes so much? As with music, rhymes and repetition immediately tap into an essential function in baby's brain. Babies are wired for the patterns in language and music and know they're hearing something important (and fun!) when it comes to them in rhyme. We go even more in depth about the connection between language development and musical milestones in babies and children here.

5 Tips for Reading with Your Baby or Child:

1. Slow down. Turn off your phone, and snuggle up. Take time to observe the book cover and guess what the book might be about. Always read the name of the author and the illustrator. Let your child turn the page if they want to.

2. Point out pictures of characters or objects, and ask baby to name what they are. Or be silly by pointing to an elephant and calling it a duck! Ask baby to find something on the page and do their own pointing. "Where's the fire truck?" "¿Dónde está el camión de bomberos?"

3. For toddlers and "big" kids, slide your finger along the words on the page as you read--this establishes the left-to-right reading direction, and starts word/letter recognition. Are there things on the page you can count? Count away!

4. Make connections from the book to your own lives: "Look, this little girl has a kitty cat just like we do!" Point out differences too: "That little boy lives in the country, see all of the trees and open space? Do we live in the country? Or the city?"

5. And guess what. If baby wants to read the book over again, if you have time, please do! You may be sick of the book, but there's a reason your baby wants to read the same books over and over, and it's directly related to language development. Follow their lead.

Bilingual Board Books for Babies 0-1 Year Old

Te Amo, Bebé by Stephan Lomp

Loving phrases from parent to baby, whether humans or snuggly animals, are the main refrain in this soothing book. It's not a board book, but it is an Indestructible® (waterproof, rip proof, and safe to chew).

Find the book here.

¡Hola, Granja! by Maddie Frost

A colorful, fun way of learning animals in Spanish. Did you know animals "say" different things in Spanish? The rooster doesn't say cock-a-doodle-doo, he says quiquiriqui! If you're in a Mi Casa Es Tu Casa music class, you probably know the sounds farm animals make in Spanish. And you probably know the animal names in sign language too!

Find the book here

¡Bebé, Vamos a Comer! by Stephen Lomp

Another from the Indestructibles® book series: light-weight and meant for heavy use by babies. This book makes connections between colors, healthy foods, and full tummies!

Find the book here

Su Propio Color by Leo Lionni

A color-changing chameleon forms a plan to try to stay just one color year-round. He wants to be like all the other animals he knows. Learn about colors, nature, and animals through engaging, relatable storytelling.

Find the book here.

El Monstruo de Colores

by Anna Llenas Serra

The earlier children begin to recognize emotions, the better they'll be later on at identifying them in themselves. And that is a skill we all need because it's the starting point for processing our feelings in a healthy way.

Find the book here

Watch a Reading in Spanish of El Monstruo de Colores

El Sistema Solar con Ellen

by Patty Rodriguez & Ariana Stein

In 1993 Ellen Ochoa was the first Hispanic woman to go to space. This brightly illustrated book uses beautiful rhyme in both English and Spanish to bring children on an adventure through our solar system from planet to planet. An inspiration!

Find the book here

Mi Libro de Caras by Star Bright Books

It's been proven that babies love to look at faces. And they really love to look at faces of other babies. Sadly, COVID-19 has made this particular joy more difficult. This is a special board book full of faces from around the world of babies expressing different emotions.

Find the book here.

¿Dónde Está el Bebé? by Cheryl Christian

This bilingual board book leads parent and baby through pages of peek-a-boo. Lift the flap and discover where baby is hiding. In English we say "peek-a-boo!" when we find baby. But in Spanish we simply say, "¡Allí está el bebé!"

Interactive books like this foster a love of reading early on in children.

Find the book here.

Besos for Baby by Jen Arena

After reading this book, your baby will be giving besos to everyone in your family, including your pets (and maybe the wind and the sun).

Most of the book is in English, but the refrain is in Spanish. A lovely way of integrating both languages.

Find the book here

Te Amaré por Siempre Caroline Jayne Church

This bilingual book shows baby and mommy from their very first weeks together through all the milestones up to toddlerhood. It's a wonderful opportunity for your baby to reflect on his or her own journey.

And to be reminded that along the way, they will be loved through all the growth and changes.

Find the book here

¿Qué Siento? by Annie Kubler

This sweet book takes baby through all the different textures of the things in the world around them, from big wet bunches of grass to warm soft furry friends and snuggly bedtime cuddles. This is a great book for practicing how things feel physically when we touch something, and that's an easy transition to talking about how we can also feel emotions on the inside.

Find the book here

Te Amo, Sol/Te Amo, Luna by Karen Pandell

Nature, Nature, Nature. The sweet illustrations in this book show children speaking directly to different elements in nature and simply expressing their love. Te amo, arbol. Te amo, pez. Te amo, sol. Te amo, luna. You can go deeper when you read using the illustrations and the things you love in your own life.

Find the book here.

¡Me Gusta Cómo Soy! by Karen Beaumont

The little girl in this bilingual board book takes us through all of the things she likes about herself, inside and out, real and imagined. Through playful rhymes in English and Spanish she shows us what self love looks like!

It's never too early promote self kindness, acceptance, and love.

Find the book here

Nochecita by Yuyi Morales

Mother Sky and Little Night are both the backdrop and the main characters in this bilingual board book as mother and baby play hide-and-seek while getting ready for bed. In a rare combination of talents, the dreamy and dusk-color illustrations were lovingly done by the author herself. We love anything by Yuyi Morales.

Find the book here.

Watch a Reading in Spanish of Nochecita

Buenas Noches a Todos by Sandra Boynton

This bilingual board book is silly and fun, and rolls off the tongue! It's a rhythmic telling of a group of animals on a boat going through their bedtime routine all together.

Find the book here

¡Buenos Dias, Bebé! by DK Publishing

Routines are so important to babies and parents. This book of bright-eyed babies just starting their days takes you through what a morning routine can look like. Your baby will love seeing photos of real babies doing the same things they do at home.

Find the book here.

Primeras 100 Palabras by Bright Baby

This brightly colored book is filled with eye-catching pictures of items from everyday life. Play with your baby while you flip through it, "Dónde está el perro?" And get points for being the hilarious parent that points to the gato and says, "¡Allií está el perro!"

Find the book here


by Gilberto Mariscal

Lucía opens this beautifully illustrated book by sliding down an Arcoiris (Rainbow), and closes the book with a visit to the the Zoológico (Zoo). From A to Z, parents can read along in Spanish, or just read the sound of the letter & corresponding word This book will stay relevant for years, from daycare to preschool to kinder.

Find the book here

¡Pío Peep! by F. Isabel Campoy

Pio Peep is a book of poetry and traditional songs from around Latin America. You'll recognize traditional songs like "Un Elefante," and "Asserín, Asserán" from music classes with Mi Casa Es Tu Casa®. The colorful illustrations tell their own, playful stories for children to absorb.

Find the book here.

Bilingual Picture Books for Toddlers & Kids 1 - 6

Quiero a Mi Mamá Porque...

by Lauren-Porter-Gaylord

This beautifully simple book starts off with a human mother and baby, then takes us through pages of animal mothers with their children, doing what all mothers do: protecting, snuggling, playing, feeding, and providing an environment where baby can survive and thrive.

Find the book here

Quiero a Mi Papá Porque...

by Lauren- Porter-Gaylord

Daddies are just as loving and giving as mommies, whether they are humans, penguins, or lions. All parents need to do is follow their instincts to earn the infinite, unconditional love of a child. No amount of ice-cream or toys, can buy this kind of love.

Find the book here

Un Beso en Mi Mano

By Audrey Penn

A beautiful book for mamas to read to little ones having a hard time going to school (especially for the first time). My daughter's preschool used to read the book on the first day of school and do an art project where the kids traced their hands and placed a heart (the kiss) in the middle.

Children feel secure in knowing that even when they are apart from parents, they are still there.

Find the book here

El Dia en Que Descubres Quién Eres

By Jacqueline Woodson

This book is for everyone. The story jumps around to the hearts of a little girl's new classmates on the first day of school. Each child has a different worry, a different way that they fear they won't fit in. But eventually connections are made, and bonds are formed. By telling your story, you begin to discover who you are. "el mundo se abre un poco para hacerte un lugar."

Find the book here

Hijito Pollito

By Marta Zafrilla

A sweet story about a little chick whose mother is a cat. Hijito Pollito tells us what his life is like living in "El Barrio Meow," looking quite different from the cats in the neighborhood, at the park, and, at school. It's a reminder that mom is mom, whether you grew in her belly or not. Hijito Pollitos loves himself and embraces his differences.

Find the book here


By Ariel Andrés Almada

This story, narrated by a father, marvels, page-by-page at all of the stages of childhood he and his daughter are going and will go through together. It's playful, honest, and a great window for parents to make text-to-life connections.

Find the book here


by Ariel Andrés Almada

We love the balance of the two books Hijo and Hija. The message is not different just because one child is a boy and one is a girl, both books create sweeping, beautiful worlds of how precious and magical life is, from babyhood to childhood, both are warm, nurturing, and comforting. Here's one you can use to snuggle up with your son.

Find the book here

La Gallina Cocorina

By Mar Pavón

An absent-minded mother hen feels like she does everything wrong (and it seems the entire world thinks so too). But in this role-reversal story, it's her baby chicks that comfort her, "we love you just the way you are." A soothing, hilarious book for the over-extended mama to read with her loving, doting children. Written in rhyme.

Find the book here

¡Vivan Las Uñas de Colores!

By Alicia Acosta

Juan loves painting his nails different colors. It makes him feel happy! His parents and his friends like to join him in painting nails. But when he gets made fun of at school and stops wearing painted nails to school, he loses a part of himself. In school, everyone misses the old Juan. See what they do to get him back.

Find the book here

Ve, Perro. ¡Ve!

By P.D. Eastman

This is a wonderful book for anyone learning language--it gives written and visual examples of going over and under, stopping and going, speeding up and slowing down. Whether you're riding on a scooter, a bike, in a car, or walking, it's all things "go!" This book is also so helpful to anyone learning Spanish as a new language -- no matter your age!

Find the book here

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