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Our Mission

The mission of Mi Casa Es Tu Casa® is to introduce and reinforce Spanish for families with babies through bilingual music classes while educating and empowering each parent with tools for mindful parenting that help them live their best family life.

Best music baby class in Austis

Austin's best-rated parent-and-child music class, designed to introduce and reinforce Spanish at all levels.

Through music, movement, games and props, children explore and develop basic music proficiency as well as Spanish acquisition in the company of their parent or caregiver.


In-person classes are also designed to build community and connection with family members and other like-minded families.

While at-home classes are meant to deepen your relationship with your child while providing a high-quality, positive experiencing in Spanish. 

After two consecutive sessions, and according to your child's developmental stage, your child will be able to say words or phrases in Spanish, pick up toys to the "clean up" song, use sign language to communicate certain concepts, show music milestones, be interested in music and the Spanish language.

Benefits of Bilingualism & Music

Early Exposure to Spanish

  • Better language awareness. Take advantage of babies' specialized verbal and auditive abilities that only children under 5 have.

  • Enhanced cognitive benefits like pre-literacy skills, problem-solving, multi-tasking, flexibility of mind, memory, adaptability & critical thinking)

  • Higher academic achievement


  • Cultural enrichment, plus a deeper understanding and acceptance of different cultures.

Celebrating 5 years

In 2022 Mi Casa Es Tu Casa® celebrated 5 years. With 2 Latin Grammy nominations under our belt, in-person classes that sell out, a robust at-home program, and over 120 original songs, we are full of amor and gratitud!

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