Where can I find my music?

With your enrollment, you will gain access to the music collection of that semester in our Mi Casa Es Tu Casa® app. Our app is available on the Apple App store and on the GooglePlay store. Type in “Mi Casa Es Tu Casa” and this app should appear. Once it’s downloaded, login by using the same email and cellphone number you used to create your account on our website. (Please note: it takes anywhere from 24-72 hours after your enrollment has been processed for you to gain access to the app). Do not use any dashes or spaces when entering your phone number. After logging in you will find the music from all of the semesters you have been enrolled in available for you to enjoy under the music tab! You can also go to the info tab to schedule make-ups, access your weekly videos, and contact us through links on the app that will direct you to your family portal!

Where can I find my pre-recorded classes?

You can find your pre-recorded classes by going to our website and logging into your family portal by clicking the “Log in” tab. Once you log into your family portal, you will click on Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer weekly classes according to the current session. Your class will be uploaded there ready for you to sing and dance along!

Why can't I find the videos through the app?

In order to access your videos from the app, you will first log in. Once you’ve logged in successfully, on the bottom menu click “info.” Then click on “Weekly Videos.” The weekly videos button will redirect you to our website to log into your family portal. Once you’ve logged into your family portal, you will be able to access your pre-recorded classes here.

MAKE UP CLASS - I can’t make it to my class, can I schedule make-up?

Sure you can! If you are enrolled in our online live classes, free make-ups are available to you throughout the week. To see our schedule and book a make-up class, log into your family portal and click on "Make-Ups!"

Can I try a free class?

Of course! If you are interested in our program, we would love for you to join us in a free demo class. Go to the Mi Casa Es Tu Casa® website menu and click on "Try a free class." Scroll down to see all of our available demo classes. Click on "schedule" when you see a time that works for you! Fill out your info and you're all set! Once you schedule it, you will receive a confirmation email with your zoom link!

How long do I get access to the music?

For every enrollment you get access to our music collection in our app for at least 3 years!

Can I get a CD?

We would love for you to purchase a CD to keep practicing your Spanish in the car or at home! They are avaiable on our online store which can be found here.

How long do I get access to the prerecorded classes

You have access to one prerecorded class per week for the length of your current session unless you subscribe to our monthly membership for $12.49 here.

What is the membership?

If you would like to obtain extended access to our weekly pre-recorded classes, we offer a monthly subscription, priced at $12.49, for families to access all of the pre-recorded classes they have attended since our transition to online classes. For as long as you remain subscribed to the membership, you will have access to all of the weekly classes for the online semesters you have and/or will enroll in, as opposed to only having access to one pre-recorded class per week. If the membership is something you are interested in, you can activate it here. Once you purchase it, it normally takes approximately 1-2 hours to process. Once it's processed, you will be able to access the videos in the members tabs (of the semesters you were enrolled in) in your family portal! Please note: Subscribing to our membership will not make videos available to you if you have never been and are currently not enrolled in our classes.

Where’s my zoom link?

Your class zoom link is available on your family portal! Just log in and click on “ My Account.” Click on “Schedule” and your zoom link will be in the table in the “Item” column

How can I refer a friend?

Did you know that you and a friend can get credit for referring your friends to Mi Casa Es Tu Casa®? All you have to do is give them your reference code, which can be found on your family portal, for them to apply at checkout! When a friend uses your link or code to enroll in our program, they automatically get a discount applied to their cart and you get some money in your account too that you can use towards any future enrollment or product in our store! ($15 to $25, credits and discount may vary). Log into your family portal and go to “My Account.” Then on the upper menu, click on “My Contact Info” You will find your personal referral code & url on the bottom!

Do I need to participate in the class?

Can my child take these classes alone?

Is my baby too young for these classes?

Is my child too old for these classes?

How do I set up host mute/unmute privileges on zoom?

We will be requesting permission to mute/unmute for all online live classes. When you log into the zoom session for class, Zoom will prompt you to accept the host mute/unmute privilege. If you have not received the prompt from zoom, please make sure that you have the latest version of the zoom app downloaded to the device you are streaming class on. If you have an apple device, you can find zoom on the app store. If you are using a PC, you can download zoom directly from here. You can find more information about this setting here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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