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Resources for New Parents

We know that our families trust Mi Casa Es Tu Casa® to recommend the best resources for navigating new parenthood. All of the resources you'll find here have made it to this page because we have done our own research and come to our own conclusions.


We align with businesses and organizations that are science-based, non-judgmental, and have the highest standards.

Health for Mother & Baby

Infant physical therapists:

Year One Wellness

2024-03-12 13_28_50-Year One Wellness - Pediatric Physical Therapy and Wellness.png

Check out their monthly Blooming Baby Play Classes at Mi Casa Es Tu Casa! 

Pediatric Dentists:

Dr. Poplin



Prenatal Supplements:


Birth Support &
New Parent Classes

Doulas, Classes, Resources:

ATX Doulas

2024-04-04 09_15_49-Postpartum _ ATX Doulas.png

Primarily a team of caring, judgment-free doulas. Also, a perfect place to start your pregnancy journey & get resources and support along the way.

Birth Support, midwives:

Austin Area Birthing Center

New Parent Classes:

Austin Baby Guru

Wellness for New Parents

2024-03-30 08_25_12-Prenatal Massage in Cedar Park, TX — Empower Massage Studio.png

A transformative experience. Empower massage specializes in deep, therapeutic massage for mothers.

Breastfeeding Support

Lactation support, Chiropractic, Baby Nutrition:


2024-03-12 13_38_50-Milk Diva in Austin,

Highly responsive, non-judgmental, knowledgeable support. Check out their Intro to Solids course!

Lactation support:

Austin Breastfeeding

Lactation info & Groups:

La Leche League

Give or Receive BreastMilk:

Mother's Milkbank at Austin

Bilingual Resources for Kids (English/Spanish)

Other Resources for
New Parents

Maternity & Infant Store:

Special Addition


Healthy Baby

2024-02-13 13_08_52-healthy baby.jpeg ‎- Photos.png

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa partners with HealthyBaby so that our changing table has the most ethical, comfortable, developmentally appropriate diapers out there.


Use code HEALTHYHUMANS for 20% off 1st purchase or subscription.

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