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Gifts for Mothers Made Easy: A List of What We Love

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa® has carefully compiled our very favorite gifts for moms, a mixture of local (Austin, TX), women owned businesses, and gifts available no matter where you live.

Mamas: all you have to do is forward this list to your loved ones with a few "hint, hints." Remember, they can't read your mind, so if you want to make sure you get something you love on your birthday or Mother's Day, you've got to tell them.

If you're like us, gifts are great, but a special day is not complete without some quiet time, a homemade card, and a meal shared with the ones you love. So dads, if you're reading this, take notes.

From the Mi Casa Es Tu Casa® Store

"Amor" T-shirt (ships anywhere)

Did you know words carry energy that can affect water molecules? Amor (love) is the most powerful word to transform any energy into love and light. Share this message with mom ❤. T-shirts come in Black or White.

Meditation from Mi Casa Es Tu Casa®

This one's free, and is our gift to you. An original meditation recorded and produced by founder and director of Mi Casa Es Tu Casa®, Laura Bruce. It takes you into a deep relaxation, allowing you to let go and find a calm mental space. It's good for any day or time of the year.

Spa & Beauty

Succulent Skincare (Local Austin)

Succulent Skincare, owned and operated by Katie Keeler, is tucked away inside the Gallery of Salons off Anderson lane. When you walk into her salon, it is immediately soothing with low lights, soft music, and a beautiful, succulent-themed decors. Katie has been gently revitalizing every kind of skin in Austin, TX for 15 years. She also does eyelash lifts, tints and many other wonderful treats. She's kind, caring, professional, knowledgeable, and very, very good at what she does.

Check in with Succulent Skincare about Gift certificates.

Sage Blossom Massage (Local Austin)

Sage Blossom's massage studios are as lovely and fragrant as the name suggests. We love the experience provided by Sage Blossom from the moment you walk in to the care you get from your licensed massage therapist. While massages are a top a top gift for mothers, they also do infrared sauna therapy and salt therapy.

We love the story of owner, Juliann, who was inspired to take her massage therapy experience to the next level after the birth of her first son in 2010. If you're looking to give the gift of relaxation, your mama will be in good hands here.

29Eleven the Salon (Local Austin)

Owner, Tiffany Wilson, has been in the hair industry for a long time, going all the way back to her youth, when her father was a master hairstylist right here in Austin. 29Eleven focuses not only on beautiful cuts and styles, but also on helping clients learn about their own hair and how to maintain it and keep it healthy. And that's why we love them. They also do way more than hair...check it out.

Deep Roots ATX Salon (Local Austin)

Deep Roots Salon's slogan is "Keeping Austin Weirdly Beautiful." And they do just that. If the mother in your life has been wishing for a fresh cut & styling, a coloring, or a treatment, they do it all.

Rebekah Vinyard Jewelry (Local to Austin, but ships anywhere)

Rebekah Vinyard Jewelry is "Inspired by architecture, simple geometric shapes and nature" and, in our opinion, goes with everything. We love her style, and we love the notice on the very front of her website:

Proceed with Confidence: Jewelry made to effortlessly escalate everything in your closet and be the armor you need to get through everyday.

You can go straight here to purchase a gift card.

Big Imagination Design (Local to Austin, but ships anywhere)

Founder and designer, Christine, describes her workspace as "a home grown studio that is a delightful mess of leather scraps, fuzzy textiles + raw wood." I'd love to see her work in action one day. Her online Etsy shop, in contrast, is a beautiful array of finished feather earrings, brightly colored super hero masks for kids made of leather, and sparkling mobiles for babies.

She's based in Austin, but ships all over. We buy something from her every holiday at the Blue Genie Art Bazaar.


Flowers & Beautifully Arranged Plants

Indigo Soil (Local Austin)

As is obvious from the beautiful gallery of arrangements on their Instagram and their website, the people behind Indigo Soil are experts in succulents, cactus, and plant designs. The owner, Erika, is originally from Peru and some of her arrangements can be seen in hand-painted Peruvian pots. We love browsing her fun creations at the Texas Farmers Markets at Mueller and Lakeline. They're so sweet & so easy to carry away.

You can message Indigo Soil for special requests and orders, or just show up at the farmer's market!

The Enchanted Florist (Local Austin)

This small but mighty floral operation has been arranging and delivering flowers in Austin since 1991, so you know you're in good hands. They offer plants, succulents, or rose-based flower arrangements. We like that you can shop by plant, or by occasion. You might consider the "Dear Mama" arrangement. 😉

Plant Party (Local Austin)

Plant party does local plant delivery, paired with stylish pots, to your door in Austin, TX. They also do a whole lot more: ever heard of a terrarium kit? Explore! Good news is you get same day delivery every day if you order before 2pm.


Sweet Treats

Jeany's Ginger Elixir: The Caribbean in a Bottle (Local to Austin, but ships anywhere)

We discovered Jeany's Ginger Elixir a the Texas Farmer's markets, and on a hot day of outdoor shopping, they are a blessing. Jeany's fruit juices, made from recipes she recreated from memories of watching her grandmother in her home country of Grenada, leave you feeling refreshed and healthy.

We recommend a carton of cucumber mint limeade for mom's refrigerator. Or you can buy a gift card and let her choose.

Qué Bueno Bakery (Local Austin)

Qué Bueno Bakery was born out of a need to create delicious baked goods for the owner's daughter, who has severe food allergies. All of their products are are "vegan, dairy-free, egg-free, peanut-free, and tree nut-free. A limited amount are also gluten-free." And they are even willing to go further for anyone who calls to say they have other food allergies.

And in the owner's words: "Also, as I come from a long line of Mexican mothers, this helps my perpetual need to feed ALL THE PEOPLE, ALL THE TIME, ha!"

In addition to being delicious and safe for nearly anyone to eat, we also love the colorful cookie and cake designs.

Wild Gift Coffee (Local to Austin, but ships anywhere)

What better gift for a mom is there than coffee? In fact, how great would it be (moms) to wake up to a pot of already-brewed coffee some special morning? We love the coffee from Wild Gift. They're a small-batch coffee roasting company based in Austin with partial female ownership (yay!). While they're local, they can ship anywhere.

Gift the "wild gift" of coffee.


Try a New Class

Esquina Tango (Local Austin)

So many mothers have stopped going out to do things for themselves. An essential part of living a balanced life just disappeared with the pandemic. No matter where you land on the spectrum of leaving your house or continuing to hunker down, Esquina Tango has figured out a way to give dance lessons safely. They've converted their outdoor space into an open-air classroom with distanced platforms for dancing, and they take temps when you arrive.

Take a workshop, or sign up for a regular weekly class for tango, salsa, bachata, kizomba, and more. We love any workshop by Robbie Sky.

Free Style Languages (Local Austin, but virtual classes accessible from anywhere)

Give mom the gift of language! Madres, mères, & mammas - invest in yourself and connect with a community through fun, dynamic, and effective language classes entirely online - in Spanish, French, or Italian!

Flexible scheduling, monthly virtual events (with#winethegreatfluencybuilder), and more - all levels welcome.

If you're not a Spanish speaker, but you and your baby are enrolled in bilingual music classes here at Mi Casa Es Tu Casa®, this is the perfect chance to work on your own Spanish!

Soul Strong Yoga (Local Round Rock & virtual classes accessible from anywhere)

Soul strong is known for being a yoga studio for all, regardless of fitness level. And we're impressed with how many types of classes they have, ensuring the pandemic isn't a barrier for anyone: indoor, outdoor, online. It's hard to find a studio doing all three of those options. They offer everything from "Stretch & Release" classes to "Power Yoga."

If mom has been meaning to start yoga, this studio will have something for her.


More Gift Ideas You Can Find Online

For more options that are not necessarily local to Austin, keep on browsing. We're sticking with the theme of appreciation, relaxation, restoration and self-care.

Hint, Hint dads and partners. If you order this breakfast tray for the mother in your family, make sure you deliver it with a special meal and let her stay in bed as loooong as she wants.

From hitting "record" when we are doing our class recordings to monitoring heartbeat during our workouts, we love the Apple Watch! It helps us not miss any of your calls and reminds us to have a little breathing mindful moment. Get it here.

AirPods allow you to block outside noise to enjoy amazing music, a great meditation or an audiobook on your well deserved morning walk. We use professional speakers and AirPods to test our music production!

A modest but oh so great gift! Castor oil has been used for centuries as a natural element to improve hair and skin. We use it in our eyelashes, eyebrows, hands and face. You can use it on your scalp too!

We always try to avoid household items out of our list of gifts but this is our exception! If you visit out studio, Under our book tree you'll see these twins. They see our studio impecable for our little ones. We run them both every single day and our floors are spotless! This is a higher price item but absolutely worth it to have a piece of mind and spotless home.

Are there any other great gifts you'd like to receive? Comment below and let us know to continue building a great list for you and the moms in your life!

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