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Books About Equality & Consciousness

Updated: May 4, 2021

Once again we have been brutally reminded of the consequences of raising humans under false inequality premises and a profound lack of consciousness.

As parents, it is OUR DUTY to take action within our own homes to put an end to power abuse, racism, and anger-driven behavior.

We can start normalizing different skin colors by having books around with children of multiple races. This will help our children identify with kids of different races and highlight the beauty we all have inside and out.

The following list has a variety of books to accomplish the above. These books go from normalizing different skin colors to introducing mindfulness to talking about civil rights.

In this list, you will also find books FOR YOU! Because we cannot help our children become more conscious and kind; we cannot raise a better generation if we don't start by looking inside ourselves and healing our own wounds first.

Some of these books are available in Spanish and in English but, unfortunately, not all. Remember you can always 'read in Spanish' even if the book is written in English ;)

All of the links below are form Amazon.

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Children's Books that Embrace Our Differences With Love and Acceptance

ESP: No disponible por ahora

ENG: When God Made You (Hardcover $8.37) (Board Book $8.99)

ESP: No disponible aun

ENG: The day you begin $11.53

Children's Books that Talk About Our Rights and What Is Right

ENG: Say Something $11.93

ESP: Di Algo $29.28

ESP: No disponible por ahora

ENG: I am Martin Luther King Jr. (Hardcover $9.69) (Paperback $13.48) (Kindle $8.99)

ESP: No Disponible por ahora

Children's Books that Simply Celebrate (and sing!) Different Cultures and Colors Near and Far

ENG: Old Mikamba had a farm (Hardcover $13.68) (Paperback $14.82)

ESP: No disponible aun

ENG: Every Little Thing Board Book $7.61

ESP: No disponible aun

ENG: Rapunzel Hardcover $17.99 ESP: No disponible aun

ENG: The Princess and the Pea Paperback $6.99

ESP: No disponible aun

Books That Teach Children Mindfulness, Kindness, and Consciousness

ENG: The Color Monster Hard cover $10.20

ESP: El Monstruo de Colores Hard cover $13.97

ENG: I am peace (Hardcover $7.47) (Board Book $8.99)

ESP: No disponible aun

ENG: I am love Hardcover $10.91

ESP: No disponible por ahora

ENG: I am enough (Hardcover $13.28)

ESP: No disponible aun

ENG & ESP: I like Myself - Me gusta como soy! (Paperback) (Board book) (Hardcover)

ENG: What if. - A gorgeous books for all ages that will touch the hears of the reader with messages like: "Te child saw war. 'We could paint over their uniforms', he thought. 'And turn their guns into bird perches and shepherd's flutes'" (Hardcover)

ENG: My heart. - A beautiful poetic book that helps us feel into our hearts and understand how to open it up (Hardcover)

Books that Help YOU Become the Best Parents You Can Be

ENG: The Conscious Parent (Paperback $5.46) (Kindle $9.95) (Audiobook $17.99) ESP: Padres Conscientes (Paperback $9.69) (Kindle $5.99)

ENG: The Awakened Family (Paperback $16.50) (Kindle $14.99) (Audiobook $26.95) ESP: El despertar de la familia (Kindle $5.99)

ENG: Out of Control (Paperback $13.61) (Kindle $9.99) ESP: Sin Control (Paperback $37.76) (Kindle $5.99)

To help YOU grow as an individual (coming soon)

We hope you use the power you have within your hands as a parent to build a better world for your child.



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