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As a mom and a pediatric occupational therapist, I am so impressed by everything they do at Mi Casa!

Nicole Brodhead

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Mi Casa Es Tu Casa® is an enrichment program for families that want to introduce or reinforce Spanish with their babies and toddlers through music. 


But we are also more than that. 


Our holistic program integrates mindful parenting, language development, sign language, movement, and social-emotional well-being. 


We love to connect with each one of our families and form a real interpersonal relationship because children learn and grow best when they are surrounded by authentic love and care. 


We want to know how to best support you, your family life and your bilingual journey. 


Book a free consultation with us to find out if we are a good fit for you. 

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Schedule a Meet & Greet with Laura

Laura is our Founder & Director. She has a degree in Clinical Psychology from Venezuela, a bilingual child, and is deeply dedicated to conscious parenting and mindful family life. Mi Casa Es Tu Casa® was specifically designed to facilitate and enhance language acquisition (Spanish & sign language), social skills, early childhood development, emotional intelligence, musical development, and mindful parenting. She can answer any questions you have about our in-person or at-home programs!

Schedule a Meet & Greet with Alice

Alice is our Marketing Coordinator. She has a degree in Spanish & French Literature, two bilingual children, and is fascinated by language acquisition in babies and toddlers. She has been attending Mi Casa Es Tu Casa® classes with her daughters since 2016, and has been a part of the team since 2019. As a non-native Spanish speaker, Mi Casa classes have been a huge influence in supporting her family’s bilingual journey. She can answer any questions you have about our in-person or at-home programs!


Our director, Laura Bruce, is currently out on maternity leave and unavailable for Meet & Greet calls at this time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding 

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