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Brittanie's Story: Choosing Online Music Classes with Mi Casa Es Tu Casa®

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Brittanie's Story:

Faith in Mi Casa Es Tu Casa’s® ability to produce quality online classes and a strong belief in supporting small businesses led Brittanie to continue her enrollment throughout the pandemic.

It was families like Brittanie's that allowed us to create a robust online program that would last beyond the first 2 years of the pandemic and continue to grow on its own. Our At-home Spanish Music Program is now a favorite resource for families raising bilingual children around the country.

Supporting Small Local Businesses

Brittanie began attending classes with Mi Casa Es Tu Casa® when her son was just 2 months old, and when confronted with the pandemic, she wasn’t willing to give them up. “We think it's important to support our local businesses, so they stay around after this is all past us,” she said. And ultimately, like Melissa and Elizabeth, she continued because “the online classes are a safe place for my son to be creative.”

Quality Online Classes

Understandably, Brittanie admits that she misses being in the classroom with her now 14 month old where they could see all of their friends in person. But she values the video recordings that the teachers post to parents’ online accounts because they allow her to practice the songs every day with her son at home. Mi Casa Es Tu Casa®, she says, has “created and perfected an engaging, online environment.”

This is important to her because her son doesn’t do any other screen time outside of communicating with friends and family. “Even though it's through a screen, [my son] loves the time he has with the teachers singing Spanish songs, dancing to music, and exploring animal sounds. To me, the virtual classes offer more playtime with my son during quarantine and I love learning Spanish together.”

A Boost for Spanish Language Learning

Early exposure to Spanish for her baby is the reason Brittanie started the classes in the first place. “I love having the songbooks to see the translations which give me more confidence in singing the songs. Being fluent in Spanish is very helpful if you live in Texas, and I want [my son] to speak it so he can easily work in and travel through Spanish-speaking countries when he's older.”

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa® Class Options!

Nearly one year has passed since we closed our studio to in-person classes. We are grateful for the support this year from our families, and have found the experience of expanding online, with the ability to reach more families than ever, exciting. We have learned a lot, and are proud of the class options we are now able to offer: At-home classes online and intimate in-person classes in our Austin studio.

Find out more and start a membership in our At-Home Program here.

Anyone can find out if our online classes are a good fit. Go here to schedule a 15-minute meet & greet call with us!


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