Drop-in Classes

Are available to families who cannot commit to a full session but would still like to enjoy our great program on a more loose and flexible schedule.

If you have NEVER attended any of our classes before, please take advantage of our free demos here. Each family is welcome to try 1 free class before paying for a drop-in or full enrollment.

If you have already tried a free demo class and/or enrolled in our proigram at any point and wish to come back of an individual class, please book a drop in class below.


Why do a full session enrollment instead of drop-in classes?


  1. When you do an activity with persistence, your child's brain will start recognizing that activity as significant for development and will create a lot more connections and acquiring more of the concepts than when exposed on an irregular basis and you will also take advantage of the full content of each collection.

  2. By enrolling in a full session you actually save money! Drop-in classes are more expensive per class than regular enrollment classes.

  3. Families who enroll in a full session receive a gorgeous illustrated book with all the songs in English and Spanish and a CD or USB with all 25 songs of each collection. Being able to listen to the songs outside of our studio makes a huge difference in the learning process fo each family member. This option is not available for drop-in customers. 

  4. You and your child will find value at bonding with other families with whom you will be sharing a class on a weekly basis. Many of our clients have found great supporting friendships through our program.

  5. Your seat will be guaranteed for you every week at your preferred day/time.