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Playdates & Events

As mothers, we understand the importance of having a community that supports you and holds you through the highs and lows of raising a little one. Especially a bilingual little one!

Please join us at our playdates and events for families to connect, make friends, get new tools, and have a good time together. 

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what to expect

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa®'s clean, comfortable space is designed especially for hosting families with babies and young children.


Mi Casa Es Tu Casa® occasionally hosts bilingual playdates with time for free play, exploration, connection.

Outside child/parenting organizations can rent Mi Casa Es Tu Casa's space for workshops and classes. 

Snacks allowed in the entryway only. Please, no food or juice in the classroom (breast & bottle feeding is always ok).

No car seats/strollers are allowed inside our facilities. (We don't have space!)

Wash hands, remove shoes, and grown-ups please keep socks on (or bring them with you).

Always know when
Mi Casa E
s Tu Casa®'s
next playdate/meet up is!

Get on the VIP bilingual playdate email list to be the first to know whenever we schedule a new event. 

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Ongoing events

Baby play workshops
with Year One Wellness

(baby play workshops are not run by Mi Casa Es Tu Casa)

Come along and learn in these exclusive workshops how to support your baby in their first year of development! Pediatric specialists, Kristi Hammerle and Elaine Nguyen will share activities and strategies to promote purposeful play, healthy communication and motor development throughout YEAR ONE!

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Play & Coo Baby Class
(0-6 months)

  • Practice how to play with your baby during wake windows with no-cry tummy time, rolling, reaching, sitting, and purposeful play

  • Learn activities to relieve gas & discomfort

  • Screen for head turn preference/torticollis and learn how to prevent head flattening

  • Learn all about how to respond to initial coos and setting a communication and social-emotional foundation

Cruise & Chat Baby/Toddler Class
(6-18 months)

  • Practice sitting, crawling, walking, and transitions

  • Learn how to improve communication with your baby with sign language, and verbal & daily routines

  • Debunk myths around bilingualism, screen time, and toy selections

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past Mi Casa Es tu casa bilngualplaydates

Bilinguistisc Playdate4.jpg

Jan 21, 2023 Saturday 10am

Sold out!

Join us for a 100% Spanish immersion playdate for families with advanced or native Spanish. Hear from bilingual speech langauge pathologists about the most common myths of bilinguilism. And then stay to play and connect in Spanish.

Dec 3rd, 2022 Saturday 10am

Sold out!

For families with babies 0-18mo with any level of Spanish interested in raising a bilingual child. We'll circle up for a parent check-in with Mi Casa Es Tu Casa staff and then leave time to play and connect in Spanish.


Oct 25th, 2022 Tuesday 2pm

Sold out!

Join the director of Colores preschool for a Day of the Dead-themed story & activity. Great for any level of Spanish. Then stay to connect and play in Spanish with other families. 

Oct 8th, 2022 Saturday 10am

Sold out!

Join local author, Zulme Saldivia, in her reading of Avila y Sus Lentes Mágicos and stay for a play date with other families raising bilingual little ones. Ideal for families with children under 5. Buy the book from our bilingual book list here!


Why families come to play

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Interested in reserving our space to host your own bilingual, child-friendly activity or playdate? Let us know! 

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