Best book Gifts for parents & treachers

Best useful and clever book gifts for teachers and parents

We are all crowded with millions of marketing advertisements to consume items that are pretty unnecessary (and often unwanted!). Very few services and products to actually offer a long-term benefit and enhancement to our lives.

Here is a good short list (with links) of items that will certainly be of value. I hope that if you have a little human’s life in your hands, you consider giving yourself some of these gifts too! (will keep updating from time to time, dont forget to make suggestions!)

For Parents and Teachers:

On supporting a little life (must reads for all caregivers):

Say what you see

Written by local expert (Austin TX), Sandy Blackard, this is probably the shortest and easiest book for parents and all caregivers. It teaches us how to interact with children in a friendly manner even during the most defying situations. I have learned to set clear and unnegotiable limits through love, understanding and support of my child’s self-esteem. It is a must read for all caregivers!

If you are or were a Mi Casa Es Tu Casa client in the last 12 months, contact me to get this book for $10, otherwise...

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How to talk so little kids will listen: A survival guide for parents with children 2 to 7 years old.

Well I guess the title says it all. This book is a bible! It talks about every single tool you could possibly need during those first and crucial years of raising a little person that will use every single action and word of yours for better or worse through the rest of their lives. I have listened to this book 3 times and I keep getting back to it for more. From empowering your little ones through problem solving (yes, even at 2 years of age) – and potty-training- to reconnecting with your child and building a close intimate relationship after goring apart for years. ​

Click here for Paperback: Click here for Kindle:

For those with older kids you might prefer to get How to talk so kids will listen and how to listen so kids will talk. Again, the tittle says it all and it is a thorough book for all things parenting (and all things an adult needs to understand about themselves and nurture and grow before they can deliver good and love to their little ones

Paperback: Kindle:

The whole Brain Child:

An understanding into child development in a simple, easy to read book that also offers parenting tools that accompany and support children development without the struggle.

Paperback: Kindle:

For added value to daily life:

Baby sign language basics by Monta Z. Briant

This is one of the first books my husband and I read together when our baby was only a couple of months old and it paid of later on…. When my son was about 10 months old (and absolutely not verbal at all) we were putting him into the bathtub when he starting moving his hand to his mouth and then out and away from his face repeatedly. After having using Baby sign language for months with him we knew (and were able to identify) that he was signing hot!!! When we touched the water (please do not ask why we didn’t try it beforehand -we don’t know either!) it was almost burning hot! My 10-month-old saved himself from getting burned with water by their sleep-deprived parents! If this little story isn’t enough to encourage you to start using sign language with your little one, I don’t know what would… here is the link to it…

Paperback: Kindle:

Oh Crap Potty Training

Yup.. that is the actual title of the book.. it’s a messy process so you might as well get a little help with. The only 1 thing I disagree with on this book is that the author recommends not allowing your child access to his or her potty whatsoever until you are 100% committed to start the process… I, on the other hand, intuitively allowed my child to sit on it way before reading this book. I let my child explore and sit on his little potty while I was using the bathroom, so he naturally learned that when we enter that room, we sit patiently on a potty… it paid of big time later on when it was time to potty-train. Everything else in this book was of huge help for us and many of our friends with toddlers

Paperback: Kindle: Audiobook:

To read to the little ones: (and also great teacher/classroom gifts):

Listening to my body

This is a very useful and empowering book to read to the little ones that teaches them to understand body sensations and emotions in different situations like cold, hot, sleepy and also when they start feeling uncomfortable or unsafe and to listen to their bodies. You can find this book in English and Spanish here


Are there any books that changed your life? Whate the wisdom, comment below!

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