Elements of the MamaCanta

Take a look at the elements that compose our Spanish immersion music program


TPRS Stands for Teaching proficiency through reading and storytelling. it is currently not only the most fun way of teaching and learning a language but also the most effective! Learn More

Music & Brain


Infants and small children who attend weekly music classes like ours for 3+months have different brain connections, show less anxiety, more tolerance to frustration, are more empathic and better highly developed in many other areas.


Nothing gets stuck better in your mind than fun memories. Our classes are a great combination of musical games that keep the family entertained while learning a language and developing music skills.


It takes a Village to raise a healthy family, here you will find like-minded parents that are also in search of their tribe to grow healthier and stronger, come join our family! Mi Casa Es Tu Casa offers social events to build community with parents in your area. 

American Sign Language

We incorporate Baby ASL in every single occasion possible. Why? Because babies are developmentally too young to master the complex task of producing words but they are absolutely capable of understanding, learning and appropriately using sign language starting as early as 5 months! 

Culture & Folk

Folk dances and rhythms encourage music development which later transfers into literacy. It also exposes children to different cultures and costumes to become an open minded, compassionate, multicultural, and easily adaptable person. This is a true gift!


Our rituals offer parents and children useful and easy melodies that will let children know it is time to clean up, to have quiet time and other day-to-day activities like washing hands, brushing teeth, etc.  

Judgement Free

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa is a 100% judgment free zone where you are more than welcome to breastfeed and/or bottle-feed at any time. Each and every decision you make for you family will be honored and respected at all times.

Giving Back

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa is a small local business that cares for the community. We are here to provide help and support with any matter our families might be concerned with about parenting, language acquisition, and well-being.

We sponsor low-income families in exchange for volunteer time. Our music and art are done by musicians & designers from countries in crisis to give some hope and help during hard times.

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