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School program

Welcome! Give your school little one the best start with early language and music development. Come see how our research-based At-Home Spanish Music Program makes teaching Spanish to your baby or toddler a breeze. ❤️

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Getting ready:

You are about to try out a 30-minute class from our Alegría musical collection designed to be experienced with your child. Here's how to get ready!


✔️ Connect the video to the largest screen you have, ideally out of reach of your child.

✔️ Choose an enclosed space so your child stays in the room with you. Clear a space on your floor where you have room to both sit & stand up to move around.

✔️ Try to mimic the teachers at all times. Even if your child is only observing or crawling around, stay with it. With time, they will join you!

✔️ Interact and make eye-contact with your little one, but never make them participate (just set the example & have fun)

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Enjoy your Class!

Enjoy over 50 different classes on demand with your little one to reinforce Spanish vocabulary, deepen your relationship, learn musical skills, and so much more.

Remember, the earlier your child starts, the greater the benefits!

14.99/month plus a one-time set up fee of 35 per collection.

We have 5 music collections totaling over 120 songs: 






Save money and leverage your membership --> Get all 5 collections at once for a reduced set-up price of 149!

Once active, your membership price will never go up, so lock it in now!


You have unlimited access to your collections in the Family Portal for as long as your membership is active (cancel anytime).

Still have questions? Book a 15 min complimentary call with us--no pressure to enroll. We want you to be happy and confident and make the best decision for your family. 

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