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Dad-Approved Gifts For Fathers Day

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Father's day this year is June 20th, right around the corner! We've carefully compiled a list of Dad-approved gifts. Emphasis on gadgets, fun, and making Dad's life easier ❤️.

Whether or not you're big on gifts, never under estimate the power of a special home-cooked brunch, a painting from one of the kids, or a sweet kid's book like this one all about why Dads are loved.

Let's dive in to our 2021 list of great Father's Day Gifts!

Father's Day Gifts Under $100

This falls into the category of "corny dad gifts," but it's also really fun and hilarious. Self-described as half card game/half dodgeball, it literally involves throwing large, inflatable burritos at people :)

throw throw burrito game box

If the dad in your life loves bacon, this is something he'll want at the ready. The bacon fat drips down to a lower compartment for healthier cooking, and the stand & tray are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Parents who choose music lessons with Mi Casa Es Tu Casa are likely dedicated to giving the gift of Spanish and language to their children. If Dad is interested in learning Spanish alongside his little one(s), we recommend a subscription to Babbel!

give the gift of babbel blue background and orange presents

Moms are not the only parents that crave a quiet moment with a great cup of coffee. Dads love their caffeine too. This glass pour-over coffeemaker makes a beautiful cup of coffee.

glass pour-over coffeemaker gift for fathers day

With a MagSlider lid to keep leaks from happening, these ramblers fit in your car's cupholder and are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. Plus, there's the double wall insulation to keep your drink at temperature.

black travel mug yeti gift for fathers day

Nobody wants to be the parent that is always loosing stuff. If that's the dad in your family (& he's an iPhone user), lend him a hand by getting these Apple AirTags. These handy devices can be attached to items like keys or a wallet, and then used to track those items later if they're lost.

If you get the AirTags, you may want to get AirTag key rings for attaching them. You can either get this back of 4 black, silicone ones, or a nice leather one.

It's hard to find the perfect shirt that makes you look sharp but also looks good untucked. Well, the guys over at UNTUCKit made that very shirt their specialty. Check out their lines.

If Dad has a Nintendo Switch, then the Mario Kart Live game is a great father's day gift. You use your Nintendo Switch controller to send a real life Mario Kart around a homemade circuit in the house. This is one Dad and kids can enjoy together!

Welcome to the world of "fast charging technology." This wall charger with 2 USB ports can charge two devices at once. It's powerful enough to fast charge your MacBook Pro 15” within 2 hours. Works with other Mac devices as well (iPhone, iPad).

Make Dad's phone indestructible. We like the OtterBox phone case series because it does just that. Even without a screen-protector, the raised edges protect the screen if you drop your phone. $59.95

Father's Day Gifts Under $250

Like the original echo, but with a screen included. So you can do way more, including watch shows, have video calls, get the weather or time displayed, and much more. You can use Alexa to do everything hands-free, including controlling the rest of your smart home devices.

If you want an even newer version that tracks you so you can see the screen while you walk around the house or move around the kitchen, take a look at the Echo Show 10. The future has arrived!

Dads often get stuck giving piggyback rides on long hikes. Throw this lightweight carrier on, and both Dad and kiddo will be happy. Kids up to 50lbs can use it, standing on the footrest, and holding onto the shoulder handles (instead of your neck!). It gives kids a fun view, and gives dads a break.

SHEILD TV claims to be "the world’s most powerful Android TV streaming media player." We like that it's fast, high-quality, and easy to use. Dad will too.

If Dad has an iPhone and doesn't have a pair of these, it's kind of a no-brainer. Portable, wireless, noise cancelling, sweat resistant, for all your apple devices.

The Kindle Oasis is a step up from a regular old kindle. Here's what you get with the Oasis: 3 adjustable warm light backgrounds for the screen, rotating page orientation, wifi + free cellular connectivity, up to 32GB of storage, and it's waterproof.

If you're looking for kindle book gift ideas, we know some dads who love Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, Isaac's Storm by Eric Larson, and Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Wireless speaker that is waterproof, lightweight, durable, and sounds great. Do Dad a favor and get him a speaker he can use without having to be the one to figure out what chords to connect.

Known for being indestructible, this YETI cooler stands up to the wear and tear of packing in and out of a car, and being hauled around a campsite, a park, or outdoor music venue. This will be the only cooler Dad will ever need.

Father's Day Gifts Under $400

It's not uncommon for dad to get stuck with the job of pitching the tent. So what better tent than one with an easy, 60-second set-up?

These top notch headphones work over wireless/blue tooth, and include a microphone so you can even make calls or give voice commands to Alexa. Most importantly, they provide a high quality sound experience.

For the adventure-loving dad, or even just the dad that's into fitness, and everything he needs at his fingertips (or, rather, wrist). GPS tracking, preloaded maps, heart-monitor and more.

Father's Day Gifts Under $1,000

Self-branded as "the premium smart soundbar for TV, movies, music, gaming, and more," this speaker not only does it all, but also looks good and sounds incredible.

Stainless steel rod cooking grates, a side burner for simmering bbq sauce, a sear station for getting those tell tale grille lines. For the serious grill master.

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