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What our families have to say about MamaCanta
Mother and baby snging

Nanami R.

"When my mama friend asked me if I want to enroll in this class, I told her “sure,” thinking it will be fun and will give me some activities to do with my daughter. But I was not thinking this class will give me so much knowledge about language acquisition and early child development, which it does. Laura is not just a Spanish teacher who loves to be around kids. She has so much knowledge about those fields. I sometimes feel like I’m learning child development while we are having fun! Besides Spanish, this class contains music and ASL (American Sign Language) and those are so beneficial for kid’s language development too!​"

mommy and baby class

Yelin K.

"This is such a fun baby music class! Bonus: it's a Spanish music class so I'm exposing my baby to another language while having fun! My baby is only 6 months but has been loving the class.  She recognizes the songs when I sing/ hum them at home.  I'm already seeing that I'm using more Spanish words at home with her,  increasing her exposure as well as teaching a few songs/ words to my almost 5 "year old (who is at school during the day). Laura,  the instructor,  is so energetic and keeps the room entertained and the babies engaged.  Most of the kids are 1 to 3ish in my class,  but there is also an infant class on a certain day.  It's definitely a fun outing/ class that we look forward to every week.  I definitely recommend this class to all moms and dads and babes!!"

Carlos L.

"We’ve been taking our 1.5 year-old son since he was 1 and he absolutely loves this class!!! Laura is so talented and makes such a wonderful space for our children to explore musical instruments, sing, dance and learn Spanish at the same time. And it’s heart warming to see how much she showers our kids with love! As an added bonus, before the class we couldn’t find a way for our son to pick up his toys (or anything he grabs); now we just start singing the same mini-song they sing in class when it’s time to return the musical instruments back to their boxes and... lo and behold, our son starts taking everything back to its place!! Highly recommended even if you don’t speak Spanish!"

baby classes with daddy

Leslie M.

"My husband and I decided that it was time to enroll our one year and half daughter to some type of activity so she could start getting along with other kids since she is our only child with a shy personality. Well, after the first couple of clases we were fascinated to see how fast our little one started to be more open and social with other kids. Laura does an amazing job creating a great warm and fun environment during class. She is the sweetest and most energetic instructor with kids I have ever met before. Totally worth it!"

Vanessa M.

"My son and I love Ms Laura's class. In a short time my son has learned so much. He loves the music and singing. The class is educational and entertaining and he looks forward to going each week. He walks around singing the songs we learn and it fills my heart to hear his sweet voice singing in Spanish. We are so happy to have found Ms Laura and will certainly be returning for the next session"

Jetta W.

"My daughter Lily and I absolutely love this class! It is an amazing social, musical, linguistic, and interactive experience for my daughter. I thought she was going to be too young for the class, (being 3 months old when we started the class) but she is getting so much out of the class. She is engaged during the class, and her pediatrician and I have noticed her reaching developmental milestones ahead of schedule. She loves holding the baby-friendly musical instruments in class, and is responding to the music and the instructor (Laura) with excitement! I am thrilled that she has the opportunity to be exposed to a second language and music so early and believe that taking this class will give her a step up in her future education. Laura is incredible with children and babies and I highly recommend this class.​"

Emilie Z.

"My baby and I both love Laura! Her Spanish music classes have become the highlight of our weeks. No exaggeration. She has an incredible presence and so much love for small children. Since I'm raising my child multilingual, these Spanish classes have allowed me to set a schedule where my entire day is dedicated to Spanish. It's helped me stay motivated to stick to Spanish and Laura is always willing to answer random baby-related vocab questions, which I'm grateful for.​"

mother child music class

Alyce M.

We started attending Mi Casa es tu Casa classes when my daughter was 18 months, and one year later, my daughter loves the classes and Miss Laura more than ever. She lights up whenever we get to go to music class, and I often catch her in the act of spontaneously singing songs from class, counting in Spanish, or using Spanish vocabulary - all unprompted. It's a joy to see how effortlessly she learns Spanish through these fun, engaging classes, and Laura has a gift for making families and toddlers feel supported, engaged, and inspired—not to mention, she excels at making the chaos that is inevitable in a room full of young kids feel intentional and fun. 

Spanish baby classes

Alison S.

"Laura is absolutely amazing! I highly recommend this class. I really appreciate her knowledge of psychology and how children learn. Every experience is tailored for this purpose. Happy to have a class that engages my daughter on so many levels. And with the added bonus of getting to learn Spanish and sign language myself as well.​!"

Lily L.

"From the moment my son saw Laura at a demo--he was instantly in love!  She has the ability to draw kids to her and can redirect a crowd of 10 kids at once with her amazing personality. I have tried other music classes but I feel Laura is the best at explaining how kids respond to different sounds and movements while engaging the entire room. The music changes every other class so the kids keep learning new words but there is a consistant routine so he anticipates when the instruments come out (which is his favorite time). For any mom who wants to meet othee mom's this is a great group of people. Can't wait til next session!"

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