Summer 2020 Props

Please take into consideration ALL of these elements are simply recommended but not a must. We have added the most necessary props to your material package.


Maracas/egg shakers

  • Under 15 months old -> 1

  • 15 months old to 99 yo -> 2 per person

  • DIY: add rice to a small container with a lid

MI CASA ES TU CASA® ($2.50 and up) LP professional maracas - IN STOCK :)

Get them on Amazon:

Do not get off-brand. They will break easily and are dangerous for your child. Please get a professional brand like the one in the link above ($8.99 and up) or below.

You can create your own by putting rice on a small container with a lid,

Drums / Tambores

Our favorite drum brand is REMO. They are sturdy, likely last for many years and have a wonderful sound. Below are some suggestions

  • For children under 3 yo or 2 class participants a smaller drum will be enough.

Bongo drums $30 here

10" floor drum $28 here

Higher quality 10" floor drum $39 here

  • For older children or more than 2 participants, larger drums might be more comfortable.

18" gathering drum $82 here

22" gathering drum $102 here

Remember you can always substitute drums with tambourines or even boxes!

Dancing Scarfs

Most commercial dancing scarfs tend to be of very low quality. We recommend using recognized brands like Bear Paw or West Music like the ones below to make sure your scarfs are smoother and last longer

West music 12 for $26

West music on Amazon $12 for $30

West music single scarf $2.25

Most brands in amazon will fall apart after a couple of uses.

You can always use any colorful scarfs of any kind at home.


  • Xylophone + whisle $14 here

  • Xylophone + Harmonica $15 here

  • Diatonic Step Bells (higher quality) $40 here

All-in-one package

With this $36 package you can get:

  • A xylophone,

  • a tambourine (can replace the drums),

  • dancing scarfs, a triangle,

  • maracas

$36 here

Reversible Caterpillar (Oruga)/ Butterly (Mariposa)

This item is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. We will use a similar one as a reference but tickling your child with your hands will be more than enough. You will NOT NEED this item to follow any dynamic, it will serve as a simple visual reference,

Get it on Amazon Prime here $23


You might also want to have available any other instruments you might have around your house. Visit our store here.

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