ALEGRIA Props - Winter 2021

Please take into consideration ALL of these elements are simply recommended but not a must. We have added the most necessary props to your material package.

Recommended Props to get before classes start

Maracas/egg shakers

  • Under 15 months old -> 1

  • 15 months old to 99 yo -> 2 per person

  • DIY: add rice to a small container with a lid

MI CASA ES TU CASA® ($2.50 and up) LP professional maracas - IN STOCK :)

Get them on Amazon ($10+)

Do not get off-brands or toy maracas. They will break easily and are dangerous for your child. Please get a professional brand like the one in our store, Amazon, or your local Guitar Center or professional instrument store.

Drums / Tambores

Our favorite drum brand is REMO. They are sturdy, last for many years and have a wonderful sound. Below are some suggestions

Bongo drums

Higher Quality Remo floor drums

Hint: If the top looks like a white plastic film, it will likely break sooner than the ones that look brownish like these ones.

Coconut Shells or Cymbals

We will be singing about coconuts. At our studio we have over 100 coconut shells! We use them because they create unique sounds and a natural texture for little ones to explore. We will be practicing coordination, rhythm and exercises to create connections between right and left brain, therefore you can replace this prop with cymbals or any instrument that allows to have one in each hand and meet at the center.

Animal Tails

The ALERIA collection is full of animal songs! We will be singing (and dancing) about colitas quite a bit and these will encourage your little one to do use their whole body. Remember t get a set for you too!

Here are some good options!

Hint: If you get a bunny set, you will end up using it a lot more!


Not so Necessary but FUN to have

Fruit shakers

There is no better way of learning a language than through experiencing it! We LOVE these Nano fruit shakers because they are very well made* and so attractive to little ones! Although your child might enjoy the fruit shaped ones a lot more, you can replace this prop with regular egg shakers.

*A word of caution: when you click on this item, you will see they also have a pineapple available. So tempting! However, we got those too and they were not as well made as the set we are suggesting on this picture. The pineapples we got are all broken now while the set in the picture remains intact after many years of use!

Jack in the Box

We have this cute little guy at our studio and used many times for one of our songs in our ALEGRIA collection. It is super fun and engaging and the musical box plays the same melody we use in our class! In your materials, we have sent you a couple of finger puppets to replace this prop. We are sharing it in this list because many families have asked about it.

Bunny Ears

Once again, the best way of learning is by experiencing. Since we cannot have real bunnies in the studio, we use these fun soft buns ears. If you are considering getting this item, we recommend you get a pair, one for your child and one for you!

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR PRE-RECORDED CLASSES to know how to be ready for your class and prepare your materials to be handy BEFORE EACH CLASS.

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